Rhondas runway cafe - They closed the place and disconnected their phone without notice

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On August 6, after looking at their Facebook page and checking hours of operation, we made the 1 hour and a half trip down there.As we walked around to the back of the restaurant to eat, there was a sign that said temp closed sorry for the inconvience.

We tried to call but was told that the number you have called is no longer in service.

How unprofessional to not tell any of your customers on your website that they were getting out of dodge.Maybe the next owners will run it like a business and not have the surrounding community wondering what is wrong with the owners.

Review about: No Service.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #706746

A lot of businesses do that.It is up to their discretion how they decide to close.

There are times that the employees go to work in the morning and find a note on the door.

But you don't even sound like a regular customer, so what are you complaining about.You could always go someplace else to eat.

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